Capture Amazing Baby Photos

How to Capture Amazing Baby Photos 9 Easy Tips

Capture Amazing Baby Photos 9 Easy Tips


Early parent hood is the amazing part of parents life. You have sleepiness nights but, you don’t mind them right?.
Every mother or father wants to preserve these memories for long. Memories can be captured by taking photos, videos, or writing a personal diary. Now most people have smart phones, with which you can take pics and videos on the fly. Out of these taking photos is the easiest option. You can take videos or write diaries but those take little more time. Here will discuss about simple and effective tips to capture Amazing Baby Photos.


  1. Right Amount of Lighting.

    Babies are sensitive to bright and flashy lights, whether its indoor or outdoor.Using harsh and flashy lights may affect your babies vision. And you usually get shabby photos with flash on during day time. If you feel light is not enough,use artificial lighting. But Make sure its bearable by your baby.


  3. Babies Mood Matters

    This is very individual, that you want to capture all kinds of emotions of your baby. Like while sleeping,walking, standing, jumping, crying, playing etc. Keep observing the mood of your baby to capture the right emotion.


    Capture Amazing Baby Photos


    Try to avoid taking pictures when your baby is not comfortable, sick or getting irritated.


  5. You Need a Decent Camera.

    What type camera do you use?, mobile phone camera, professional DSLR camera or video recorder plus camera. If you want to capture amazing pictures, camera quality matters.


    Capture Amazing Baby Photos


    Take photos with decent camera at-least. Now days you will get mobiles with HD cameras which produce amazing quality pictures.


  7. Pictures from Different Positions.

    Most people love take close-up photos, some times based on the resolution of the camera, the pictures may be blurry or out of focus. With digital camera you can take hundreds of shots at a time. Try taking pictures from different distances. Among all the pictures you have taken keep which are awesome.


  9. Get Rid of Distractions.

    Kids are usually gets distracted with moving objects like toys, people moving around, noise and sounds, music, TV sound etc. Avoid all these distractions.


    Capture Amazing Baby Photos


    When there are no distraction you can keep babies attention towards you.


  11. Photo Background Matters.

    Make sure the background is clean and not too much of items or distraction at background. Otherwise background may overshadow your baby in pictures. Usually plain backgrounds work better.


    Capture Amazing Baby Photos


  13. Multiple Shots will Help.

    If your planning make album or collage, take multiple shots. As it doesn’t cost you much take multiple shots in digital cameras.

    Capture Amazing Baby Photos

    Take photos from different angles, keep taking multiple shots until you get best picture. Of-course your baby looks awesome in all photos. Because babies have that charm and innocence.


  15. Photos with Friends and Families.

    Kids expression keeps on changing with whom they are with. You can capture range of emotions by taking babies picture with friends and families.

    Capture Amazing Baby Photos


  17. Take Backup of Pictures.


Digital devices tend to corrupt very easily. You should take multiple back ups of the photos.
You can use hard drives, USB drive, Discs, or use secure cloud services. Many social media sites give you up to 5GB of storage space. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos etc to store these images. Before you take backup, arrange them in separate folders, may be based on events, or date, label them properly so that you can refer them back easily in future.

With these easy and effective tips, you can capture Amazing Baby Photos. Please support us by sharing this article with your friends and family.

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