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How to Get Your Dream Job 7 most effective tips

How to Get Your Dream Job


If you’re in process of hunting new job. Then you have reached the right place. Here you will find quality tips that land you in new dream job which you’re in need off.


  1. Keep Your Resume Ready.

    You need to be ready with updated resume all the time. Update your resume as often as possible. When ever you achieve or accomplish some thing make sure it reflects in your resume.


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    If you have acquired a new skill update it in your resume. By frequently revisiting your profile, your are reminded about your skills, strengths and market gap. Make a habit of updating your profile at least once in 3 months. It also helps you to avoid the last minute preparation. Use a professional looking template for your profile. Which will enhance your selection for the post.


  3. Be Up To Date.


    Keep yourself up to date, don’t wait till the moment you start hunting for a job. Skill update is continuous process, Be updated about your industry, domain and market conditions.


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    This could you save you lot of time during your job hunting period.


  5. Take up all interviews.


    Accept all the interview invitations, even if you are not interested in the opportunity, or even not looking for a job. You may consider it as a mock preparation for your real interview. Giving job interview is a specific skill, keep it honed all the time.


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    By accepting all the interviews, you’re giving yourself for chance to prepare for the interview which interests you. Also many a times there may be sudden job profiles may come up based on your skills, and you may be offered a job of your choice. Don’t loose out on the hidden opportunities.


  7. Record All Your Interview Experiences.


    Keeping a record of your performance in each interview helps you to introspect. Some times you do good and sometimes don’t.


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    But keeping record of these experiences will help you to look back, what worked well and where you need to improve. Things you need to practice more, things you can avoid etc. Revisit your notes before the next interview. This will boost your confidence.


  9. Build a strong professional network.

    As hiring is a costly affair. Most of the jobs are not published as advertisements. They are filled by employee referral schemes. This makes networking vital. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with all your contacts in the industry.


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    You never know when you need a help from one your contacts. Try to build a professional network with old friends, colleagues, employers, contact with job agencies, and similar contacts. Now days with social media its easy to build network compared to earlier days. Take advantage of LinkedIn, twitter, FB etc.


  11. Focus is the key.

    Knowing what you need is, half battle won. Have a clear plan of what your looking for. Set clear goals to achieve, what you want from new job.


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    Don’t accept offers in hurry, which doesn’t suit your skills and interest. If you don’t like the job, then its very difficult to cope up with it, and you may end up hunting job again sooner.


  13. Make Job hunting full time job.


If you’re not having job currently. Then job hunting should be your full time job. Have discipline, set a daily routine, get out of bed at the same time as during employment days.


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Search and collect all the materials and information from friends, books, notes, internet etc. Prepare yourself on the skills, which you feel you need to revisit. Spend the same amount of time as of your daily job, in fact you have more reason to stretch on your job hunting.


These are few easy and effective tips, which could land you into your new dream job. Keep positive attitude towards life, hope is everything.

All the best for your job hunting. If you like this post, share it with your friends and family.


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