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How to Look Younger- 10 eazyTips

Look Younger


Aging is a natural process, we all grow old. But with constant effort and determination you can slow down the aging process. Many researches have done to find anti aging formula, but there is no sure shot formula stop aging. The most important thing to look younger is have a happy and balanced lifestyle. We can adopt a healthy lifestyle with constant effort and with strong will.

10 easy tips for you to look younger.


  1. Choose Healthy Food.

    Food is the No.1 factor, which directly affects your age. Eating healthy is not optional, you must have a good healthy food plan. Eating healthy food everyday makes your body fit, slim. Try avoid red meat, have fish instead. Adopt green vegetable and fruits, fiber rich food. Avoid aerated drinks, alcohol, smoking, reduce coffee and caffeine intakes.


  3. Get Sound Sleep.
  4. Sleeps is one of the most important aspect of your daily life. You need to have enough sleep, at least 6-8 hours a day. Sleep will make your skin healthier and better. Sleep replenishes our body cells. Resting your body by sleeping enhances your mental health also. During sleep your thought process settles down. Which also helps you take better decision s, which indirectly helps you to look younger.

  5. Exercise Regularly.

    There is no escape from Exercising. You need to have a daily routine. Set time aside for exercising. By doing regular exercise, your metabolism increases.You feel energetic, confident and happier. It also increase your body strength, bone density and muscle by which you look younger.

    You can choose aerobics, walking, and swimming, weight exercises in gym, playing a outdoor game etc. which ever excites you.


  7. Get Rid Off Body Toxins.

    We all know how important its to drink plenty of water. Drink 6~8 glasses of water daily. Water helps to remove body toxins. Your body metabolism already in process of removing the body toxins. Fasting 1 or 2 days a month helps to detox. You can just consume fruits and vegetables during fasting.


  9. Get Relax, and Chill.

    Practice relaxation, when you’re relaxed you face glows and you look younger. Don’t let your stress and worries to appear on your face. Learn to manage stress, do meditation, Yoga, Thi Chi etc. which ever suits you. Often to go places or vacation, where you feel chilled and relaxed. It enhances your happiness and helps you to look younger.

    By trying to be relaxed, your face will look younger. Stress and worries disappear from your face. If we can manage our stress and feel at peace, your face will look younger and attractive.


  11. Have Positive Mindset.

    Always have positive attitude towards life, of course with news, media, social network, we are bombarded with negative stuff all day long. Try to avoid unimportant information. Stay away from gossiping, bad mouthing, which in turn will come back to you and affects you. Think positive, reduce negative thoughts, have positive affirmations(helps some people).


  13. Get You Medical Check Up Done Regularly.

    We all get our car check up done on regular basis. So to keep it running all the time. But we neglect our body which is running not stop from the day you born. Just like any vehicle or machine, your body also needs attention and regular checkup. You need to have medical check up routine, especially if your in mid thirties and above. This is the age where your are prone to life style diseases(diabetes, stress related, high pressure, back pains, joint pains etc).  Which will affect your aging process. Getting detected early can help you to take action and reduce life style deceases.


  15. Social Life.

    We are grossly immersed into our online social network. Thousands of virtual friends, and no real one. Not a single friend is available when you need a friend most.  Try to build actual social network, friends with whom you can really share your thoughts, reach out whenever the need is. A good social network gives sense of assurance, helps you to be peaceful during turbulent times. Try build a social circle with a communication with your friends, family members, neighbors, community center people, colleagues and others.


  17. Regular Observation.

    Review your performance on regular basis. Whether body is getting back in to shape, having flat abs, building muscle or loosing 10lb weight. Start reviewing your performance. Is your body is ideal, check the BMI? if not shred of the extra founds. Regularly check your skin, hair, nail, feet and teeth. These parts of your body reflects your age. Looking good gives a sense of happiness. Stay young and stay happy.


  19. Be Active In all Things You Do.


Be enthusiastic in all the activities you do. Being active during your daily life increases your physical and mental health. Don’t do activities just for the shake of completion. Put some interest in all the tasks you do. Of course we all have to some mundane jobs everyday, its part of life. But try to participate with activeness.

These are 10 easy tips you can adopt and look younger. Share this with your friends and family, and help them to look younger.

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