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How to Meditate in 7 Easy Steps

How to Meditate – Get started.

How to meditate and how to start it is the most common question in our mind. We all have hectic life, with very little time for ourselves. This modern life demands too much from us, and in return gives only stress. This stress leaves a constant sense of unhappiness within us. We often thought of starting a meditation or Yoga, but there is no time. If you’re contemplating to start doing MEDITATION, here are the few steps that will help get started. Meditation makes you focused, reduces your stress, and helps you find the right balance and inner peace.


  1. Fix a Time slot.
    You need to fix a time slot to meditate. The best time for meditation depends on how fresh you feel before the start.

     how to meditate 
    Usually in the morning time most people feel fresh. But you don’t find time in the morning, you can do it before bed, or just after returning from you work, or if you find long breaks in your day work. Only thing is you should feel fresh, and ready for meditation. Also fix how long you want to meditate. And stick to it.


  3. Choose A Quite Place.
    An ideal place for meditation is a quite spot.The place must be clean, pleasant, with proper lighting.
    how to meditate 

    Its advisable to meditate in a regular spot, so that your mind will be tuned to it. Of-course its hard to find absolute quiet place, but try to stick to a place with less noise. Turn off all distractions like mobiles, other gadgets, switch off or keep them in silent mode, put them aside.
    how to meditate 


  5. Proper Seating.
    Proper seating is one of the important aspect of meditation. You can choose a comfortable chair, a bench, or a proper cushion on the floor. Which ever suits you best.


  7. Daily Routine.

    Meditate regularly. Short and regular sessions are more effective, than irregular longer session. You can start with as small as Five(5) minute session and then increase it to Fifteen(15) minutes and you can go up to Sixty(60) minutes.Don’t force for longer duration during initial period. All that matter is, be regular.


  9. Positions for Meditation.

    Wear a comfortable dress, your dress should not be too tight and create uneasiness. Sit straight,with your vertebrae stacked like blocks and your head should be straight, as being pulled by invisible wire from the top.
    how to meditate


    You can sit with legs crossed, or on your knees, choose which one is comfortable to you. Free the tension in your neck, shoulders, and arms. Place your hands on your thighs, or on ground as preferable to you.Your eyes must closed, or semi closed, this will help you to focus better.


  11. Meditation Technique.

    Before your start meditation, do a little regular stretching, relax your face muscles, wear a smile. The key is focusing on your breath. Focusing on breath calms you down and helps to concentrate.


    how to meditate
    Observe the breath during inhale and exhale.If your breathing is fast, try to slow it down, and stick to normal breathing frequency. Be in the present moment. Your mind will start wandering after some time, bring your focus back to breathing.


  13. Meditation Music.


    Meditation music, helps you to get the right atmosphere. But choose right ambient music, keep the volume low.


    how to meditate 
    Ideally focus on your breath is the foremost important aspect of meditation. Music or no music, choose the one which suits your mind and which helps you concentrate.


    Fallow these easy steps to, get started your with Meditation journey. If you like this post, leave comment below and support us by sharing this with your friends and family.


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