simple habits to increase your focus

5 Simple Habits to Increase Focus at Work

5 Simple Habits to Increase Your Focus at Work


Are you on the verge of loosing job ?

Not able to finish even simple tasks in hand ?

Getting a earful from your boss quite often?

Worrying, how to get back on track and be a super performer you used to be?

What has changed in between ? why you’re loosing focus at work?

If your answer is yes for any of the above, don’t worry,

you’re not alone in this mess, of lack of focus at work.

Many people are asking the same question,

how to improve focus and concentration?

Its becomes extremely difficult to focus on one thing,

when your mind is filled with too many things.

There are so many factors which affects focus and concentration.

Ways to improve your focus on critical task.


1. No Multitasking.

Take a moment, close your eyes and ask this question to yourself.

Are you a multitasker?

I know today’s job demands multiple skills, a kind of jack of all trades.

Your boss expects you to be multitasker, and rockstar in all the departments.

When you do multi tasking, its really hard to focus on critical jobs.

Many studies have been conducted about multitasking,

whether it is really effective is a very debatable question.

Research conducted by Stanford University found,

multitasking to be less productive than doing a single task at a time.

At times multitasking is a real myth,

you cannot give a quality output without focusing on task in hand.

Let’s say,  you’re preparing a critical financial report, and you are also attending an important conference client call.

You’re guessing client will ask you about, financial report and that’s why your’re working on the report.

If you do these two jobs in parallel, its definite, your are putting yourself in awkward position.

Imagine, if client suddenly asks about status of a task, rather than your financial report you definitely fumble.

And also there is high chance of,  you committing mistake in your financial report,

which may lead you to disastrous or unwanted situation.


simple habits to increase your focus


Don’t do this mistake, when you have to focus on critical job,

don’t do multitasking, focus on one thing at time.

Plan your tasks in such way, you can take up one task at a time.

You can easily plan your tasks, using an EXCEL sheet,

or any TODO list software tools, like Evernote, todolist.

These tools have free plan with powerful features, make use of them.

Some people get scared by the word planning itself.

Planning need not be a detailed one.

All you need to do is list down all your tasks in hand.

Take a moment on each task  and think how urgent and important it is?

Prioritize each task by assigning a points as weight-age to them.

Complete the important and urgent tasks first and then move on to the next.

2. Have A Healthy Routine.

What’s your daily routine ?

Take piece of paper and jot down what is your daily routine.

lets make it little easy, divide your  day into 3 segments.


Morning Segment – 07.00 AM to 11.00  AM

Afternoon Segment – 11.00 AM  to 05.00 PM

Evening Segment – 05.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

List down all the activities you did in these three segments.

Once you write down all your daily activities in these segments, review them.

Now answer this question,  Are you fallowing a health routine ?

A healthy routine should focus on balancing your personal and professional life.

Along with your daily job or business activities,

your routine should include enough time for your physical fitness, relaxation, and good sleep.



simple habits to increase your focus


Develop a healthy daily routine and you need to be regular.

There is no point in fallowing it for few days and then throwing under the carpet.


To make it easy, don’t do wholesome changes to your daily routine, it might be difficult to adopt.

  • At the start make one or two positive changes to routine, stick to it, make it a habit. The add few more positive changes to routine and improve on.
  • Physical fitness and a good sleep is must. You can choose to exercise, Yoga, meditation, Thi-Chi or any form which suits you better. 
  • Along with fitness, get sufficient sleep, for most people 8~ 9 hours sleep is required.
  • Drink plenty of water, don’t over eat, over eating creates uneasiness, and leads to other health issues.
  • Reduce caffeine intake and smoking, especially in the second half of the day, this affects your sleep.
  • Stop or limit your alcohol intake, hangovers often causes difficulty to focus.
  • Sleep makes you feel fresh, rests and energies your body, helps your thoughts to settle down.


3.Keep It Professional.

Are you person who leaves all personal problems at office door? No right ?

Its difficult, at times however you try, few serious problems always fallow us like shadows.

These issues fully occupy your mind and heart. 

When you are worrying about something, will you able to focus ? quite difficult right?



simple habits to increase your focus


At office gossiping and personal interaction is common.  

Everyone have personal problems, small or big.

Just for moment imagine everyone around you are expressing their personal problems to you.

How do you react?  some may be appealing to you and some seems very silly.

At some point of time you will start disliking these interactions.

Do you want to fall into this category? definitely not?

Don’t bring personal problems to work.

Again a developing a great routine will help you to avoid personal problems.

Before you to start to office keep you mood good.

Just fallow one or two things which makes you feel good.

Try not get into argument with your family or partner.

Start appreciating people, smile more often. 

Avoid too much personal interactions, when you have to focus on critical tasks.

I’m not saying complete stop gossiping and interactions, you still have breaks.


4.Influence Of Social Media.

Did you know,  there are more than 2 billion  people are active on social media worldwide,  which is representing a global penetration rate of 28 percent?

How much social media addiction you have ?

Let me guess you’re are at-least on these three social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in it.

But when and what is the question.

Recent surveys are shown, most of us are affected by screen addiction disorder.

Social media has affected us too much, specially  when you have logged in to your phone or opened it on browser tab.

Your mind will always keep thinking about notifications.

You get distracted with every Facebook, email, Whatsapp, tweet, text message, phone call, or any other social media notification.


simple habits to increase your focus


Don’t check your emails through out the day, have a fixed schedule for email checking and replying.

Turn off notifications or mute groups, put your phone in silent mode.

Close all tabs with social media sites open.


5.Take a Break.

How often you take breaks ?

Are you person who sits for long hours due to lot of work?

If yes ! get up know just walk 1o steps Away.

Stop sitting for long hours, Sitting for long hours is harmful in long run.  Here’s What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body.

Take breaks frequently, break should be shorter one.

Its impossible to stay focused all day long.

Breaks will help you to concentrate better.

Small breaks will raise your energy, intensity, and focus.


simple habits to increase your focus


Many studies have show its hard sustain attention on one thing for than more 20 minutes at a stretch.

If you feel you cannot take break after every 20 minutes,

take break at least once in 90 minutes ~ 120 minutes.

Keep the break for 5 to 10 minute duration not more than that.

That’s all, these 5 simple habits to increase focus at work.

Stay focused and be a super performer. Also read foods that improve your focus and concentration.

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