personal growth barriers

How Personal Growth Barriers Make You A Looser

Personal Growth Barriers

What’s the big deal about personal growth? Why in the first place we need to care about it and discuss ? Well,time and again it has been proven that personal development is not “optional”. Ignore it to perish.
Very few people read about personal development and out of it very few people take actions. No doubt your personal growth and self development is one of the most important thing in your life. Its not that hard as one imagines it. It is just working towards achieving your full potential, simple right?.

Finding the purpose in all actions you do

Any action done with positive intent, contributes to “self development”. However this is a gradual process, which happens unconsciously.Success(in terms of money) is not the only thing one should strive for. As Everyday we read about “Extremely successful” people ending up in rehab, depression, or kill themselves. So having healthy mental state is part of “self improvement”.

Quality of life, comes from continuous improvement in your personal growth. As “only change is permanent”, life is very dynamic.In Eco system if something doesn’t grows it dies. Like wise if we don’t have personality growth, we may end up with psychological death. Every day life brings forward new challenges to us. We as people most of the time see them as problems and crib about them, instead of seeing them as wonderful opportunities.

Why do we fail to take actions on personal growth? Well, few barriers that prevent us from growth in life.

  1. Fear of Failure

    As humans we are like, wired to it to. We resist change, fear to embrace new changes. When ever change is presented to us, we start thinking about negative aspect of it. We get “used to” certain things, and we fear to take up change challenge because of failure. Its absolutely fine to fail. But only thing we need to care, is what we learn from our failures. And how we overcome them. As we all know The Great Sir Thomas Edison failed thousands of time before he invented bulb filament. One way of overcoming fear failure to have kids mindset. Kids are always enthusiastic and experimental. They don’t fear about outcome. Just by ignoring the outcome part, we can improve on adapting new challenges.

  3. Procrastination

    We always find excuses to postpone tasks. Postponing tasks irrationally, especially important ones is procrastination. At heart and mind we want to do it, but still we find that one excuse, which stops from taking that first step. If we don’t take action, we will be where we are. Most often, the task which your postponing, is your MUST DO task. Which is why its always at your top of head. Few things you can do to beat procrastination.

    • Make a list of tasks
    • Prioritize them by assigning weight age points, set time frame for each task.
    • Target only first three, if your tasks are very big, break them in to sub tasks.
    • After completion of each task, reward yourself, you deserve it.
    • Move on to the next one.


  5. Decision Making

    To act, you need to take some decision. Like move forward, step back, standing, sitting etc.. Everyday, life presents situation with multiple options. You need to take appropriate decision, by weighing pros and cons of each options. Some times decision making process intuitive and some time very complex. Most often, when things gets complicated, we tend to not take decision or take long time to make decision. This results to indecision( not taking decision), which is bigger problem than making a choice and failing. Indecision is simply due to fear of failure and by not making a decision you can’t fail – right?
    One way to keep up with your decision making is prepare for worst result and give your best effort. In reality 70% of the things, which we imagines during a decision making does not exists. So go ahead make decision today.


  7. Comfort Zones


This is the classic one, We are all in our comfort zone right now. Comfort zones make you lazy, immobile, less enthusiastic, less challenging and less rewarding. Comfort zones are very dangerous as life is so dynamic. Life styles are changing, technology changes every second, world is getting closer and closer. One needs to adapt to these changing times.
Just recollect how you reached this comfort level. By doing the things more often. You do these tasks with ease, or may be in no time. You may find many excuse to continue your stay in comfort zone. However stepping out of your comfort zone challenges you to grow as a person. You acquire new skills, new ounce of courage, new zeal, new findings, new leanings etc. With taking a step out your comfort zone you’re rewarding yourself, increase your value.

All these barriers are psychological ones, they can’t stop you moving ahead, unless you allow them to. So break all the barriers today, take that one step towards your goal. Find a new person in you.


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