how to hire at small business

How to Hire at Your Small Business in 5 Easy Tips

Hire at Your Small Business


If you are small business owner. And you’re having nightmare managing employee behaviors. As one of your employee coming late to office, disturbing the healthy atmosphere of the office. Due to this, your deliverable getting affected and so your business. And this employee happens to be, one of your key member in the system and is very close to you. How to deal with it?.
Then you have reached the right place, these kind of issues arise in very small business quite often.

This post will help you find the root cause of your employee management misery.

And you will also get top 5 hiring tips for small business. Fallow these and run your business smoothly.


  1. Don’t Hire Friends or Relatives.
  2. We, small business owners often make this mistake. We go by emotions, and hire people from our nearest and dearest. Due to whatever reasons, financial crisis, no proper mechanism to hire employees, or to help the nearest one.The problem here is we often underestimate the demands of that particular job in near future.


    Hire at Your Small Business

     Your friend or relative whom you hire/d, will take advantage of your relationship, and may show up late to office, or take your feed back very lightly. This will affect the business. Try to avoid hiring friends and relative unless until it is absolute necessary. May be due to his/her extraordinary skill set, or you are not in position to hire an outsider. If at all you hire them look at the next tip.


  3. Be the Boss.
  4. Business and friendship are two different things. You need to see them objectively. Define a clear relationship of employer and employee. And make it clear to all your employees, if needed on regular basis. If you get too friendly with your employees, it may effect their performance.

    Hire at Your Small Business

    You need to understand we are all different, and your employees too. Each person sees every relationship differently. Some are sensible, who know their limits and stick to their tasks. Some take undue advantage and the mess starts. You have to decide, do you want to be their Boss or Buddy? You can’t be both.

  5. Define Roles.
  6. Does your business needs, CEO,CFO,CTO, such big posts. Or you just need a Marketing Specialist, a Sales Specialist, a Finance and Accounts Specialist, a Software Developer, a Hiring Manager etc. You need to first define roles. List down your own skills, rate them with points or stars. Try not take more than three responsibilities among your top skills, otherwise you will find it difficult and loose focus on growing your company.

    Hire at Your Small Business

    Of course if your starting small, with no or limited budget, its all YOU. Try to gradually add other position one by one based on work load. Remember tip #1 avoid Friends and Relatives.

  7. Policies Does matter.
  8. What makes big companies to run smooth, they have well defined policies concerning all aspects of business. Do small business also need these policies ? The answer is Yes!, your business may be small, the aspects affecting your business may be very few. You can create policies for affecting aspects and make them easily accessible by employees. Make sure they adhere to these policies. Well defined polices removes confusion and obstacles of daily activities. And also develops sense of trust and belief among employee, as everything is in writing.  Small business owners can start with polices such as

    Working Hours Policy
    Leave Policy
    Holiday policy
    Conveyance Policy
    Grievance Redressal Policy
    Hiring Policy
    Employee Career Progression policy.
    Expense Reimbursement Policy.
    Employee Reward Policy.

  9. It’s Business.

It’s not personal, its business. Initial phase of your small business, is very crucial and critical. If someone is not disposing desired results, don’t hesitate to replace him/her(be it a close friend) with new one. It’s hard to fire a friend or a relative, but if business demands it, just do it. You can still try to maintain your relationship outside business(if possible, again some are very sensitive and some sensible).

Hire at Your Small Business

If you don’t take strong decisions, then you’re risking whole business, and other employees career. So you need to be programmatic. Do it in professional manner whether its friend or an employee.


Hope these tips will help you in hiring for small business. If you like this post please share it with others, fallow us on twitter, and Facebook.

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