how to be successful

How To Be Successful In 8 Easy Steps

How To Be Successful


Every one wants to be successful. We think about it all the time. When you get success it’s altogether a different feeling. It brings incomparable happiness and satisfaction. Success is relative to each person. For some, its achieving a very big target, for some its a small task completion. We should learn to celebrate our success, whether its small and big. Achieving success is a process. You can’t be successful all the time, if you don’t fallow a well defined process.

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Reason for failures.


If your are not successful, then your are doing things in wrong way. Of-course there will be elements which may not be in your control, like flood, bad whether, war, global depression etc. But during your planning stage you did not foreseen these obstacles, which cause failures. For many of us the the reason for failures are within us, like fear, inferior complexes, procrastination, shyness and lack of zeal.


Keys to your success.


  1. Wear the Positive Attitude.
    how to be successful

    Positive attitude brings new energy and strength to life. A Glass is half full or half empty. Its up to you, how you look at it. Having a positive attitude in life, gives you tremendous results. Think positive, it works. Imagine better life, which is in store for you. Feel all benefits, success is going to bring to you. Hope and faith are two important aspects of positive attitude, develop them.


  3. Set Clear Objective.
    How To Be Successful
    You can’t achieve something, which your not aware. Be clear on what you want, set S.M.A.R.T goals, so to achieve them. Having a clear aim is key for success.

  5. What is Your Strategy.
    How To Be Successful

    If you are unplanned, then defeat is certain. Prepare and fallow accurate and logical strategy. Break your goal in to smaller chunks, so that you can track, progress of each sub goals. Successful people work towards achieving these goal on daily basis. There is no doubt that you have the potential, its only assuring yourself that you can achieve everything you wish for. Breaking bigger targets in to smaller and working towards them, will boost your confidence continuously.


  7. Update and Upgrade.
    How To Be Successful 

    Just having desires, without taking action will lead you no where. You need to update and upgrade yourself. We are living in information age, information and knowledge is very vital for success. Educate and train yourself in the areas of your goal. Action taken with right knowledge will give you great results. There are plenty of free resources available on internet, on all the subjects of your interest, make use of it. Identify your style of learning, choose between books, websites, blogs, audio or  video materials. Each person is different and their learning style also. Choose the one which works best for you.


  9. Believe in Yourself.

    You need to start believing in yourself. Have faith in success. You will get there, it might take a while, but if you believe in yourself its going to come. Having self belief gives you strength. Leave all your doubts behind, think about possibility of success all the time. Realize your potential, work towards your goal with self belief.


  11. Develop Self Confidence.
    How To Be Successful

    Self confidence is very important to move forward in life. Confidence building is a long term process. It grows along with, every small accomplishment and achievement. Maintain a dairy and record all your achievements, big or small, Often revisit your notes. It instills confidence in you. Don’t worry about failures, each failure should be treated as new learning. You can also record what mistakes you did after each failure, don’t repeat them again.


  13. Help Yourself to Improve.

    Nature brings constant change in us. Help yourself to bring the positive change. You need to go though self improvement process constantly. Identify your personality, your strengths, and weakness. Your weakness can be a stage fear, inferior complex, fear of heights , initial hiccup, shyness, fear to talk to someone etc. Work on them to over come. Like said before, there are plenty of resource on internet, make use of them and over come your weakness.


  15. Circle of Right People.

How To Be Successful 

There are people who support you, and who don’t. Until you feel comfortable in what ever you do, stay away from such people, who discourage you, criticizes you. Critics required, but not the initial stage of your success journey. Get help from family and friends who understands you, and respects you.  

By continuously working on these effective and easily adoptable tips, You can achieve all the success you wish for. If you agree with the thoughts presented here, please share this post with your friends and family, let them succeed too.


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