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9 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

9 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health.

Just like Physical Health, Mental Health is also an important aspect of wellness. Its a really a good sign that more more people are getting fitness conscious. Its true that Physical fitness reciprocates to your mental health, along with Physical fitness, there are specific things one can easily adapt to boost mental health. Mental health gives you sense of well being, by which you’re able to carry out everyday life activities ¬†with confidence, face challenges, solve problems etc….
So with try these eazyTips to boost your mental health and find the right balance in life.


    Mental Health Tips

  1. Self Respect

    More often than that you’re your own best critique. But having said that too much self criticism will land you into bad mental health. So treat yourself with kindness and respect, and try to avoid self-criticism as much as possible. Open your bucket list, list out your hobbies, your favorite projects. Set aside a dedicated time out of your daily life for these and start working on it. Be spontaneous and creative when you get the urge to do something, which will last for long. Some new activities you can start


    • Start photography.
    • Learn new foreign language.
    • Play puzzle games
    • Walk in the park
    • Pick up a book and read
    • Draw pictures or paint with your kids
    • Play with your pets
    • Work in home garden
    • Join a dance class
    • Learn to play an instrument etc…


  3. Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness reciprocates to mental health. Stay fit and health. When your physically fit you get sense of good feeling about your body. Its not necessary to build muscles like professional or hit hard in Gym. Its just keep yourself fit enough. Some tips to stay fit.


    • Drink 6 to 8 glass of water every day
    • Eat healthy and nutritious meals
    • Get enough sleep. Sleep for 7-8 hours daily. Study have shown Lack of sleep leads depression
    • Avoid smoking and other drugs.
    • Exercise daily at least 5 days week, which helps decrease depression and anxiety and improve moods.
    • Keep alcohol use to a minimum. some people use alcohol and other drugs to “self-medicate” but in reality, these only aggravate problems.


  5. Sleep Better

    Sleep is one of the most important aspect of healthy life style. Sleep for at least 7~ 8 hours.
    To get a good sleep, have sleeping routine. Go to bed on regular time of each day. Sleep rejuvenates you. Sleep boosts your both mental and physical health.Practice power nap, power naps are very powerful, you can get refresh with power nap easily.


  7. Personal Bonding

    Building and maintain personal bonding with people around, will give support system as well as enrich your life. Quality of relationship with people around you has lasting impact on your well being. Try to put time and effort in building genuine and strong relationships. Which in-turn will reward you with good dividends in long run. You can do the fallowing.

    You can build circle of people with a common interest.
    You can create groups of family members, friends. These kind of groups or circle will provide you a sense of belonging.

    • Join a sports club
    • Join a morning or evening walkers group or a morning laughter club.
    • Join a music band
    • Join dance class
    • Join a trekkers group etc..


  9. Deal with Stress

    Whether you like it or not, stress is a part of life. Start observing patterns which creates stress in you and how you react. Best way to deal with stress is learn to deal with it. Remember to smile, learn to appreciate humor in life. Laugh as much as possible, after enhances your appearance along with boosting immune system. Laughing also makes you relax and reduces stress.
    Learn to be smart at work. Learn productive ways of completing your jobs. So that you can enjoy your remaining time for recreation. Balance life is the one the key to manage stress.


    • You can practice relaxation
    • breathing Exercises(Pranayama)
    • Practice Yoga
    • Practice Meditation
    • Practice Tai Chi
    • Practice dance form like Zumba
    • Practice aerobic exercise
    • Walk in the park


  11. Calm Your Mind

    Our mind is very cluttered, thousands of thoughts cross our mind in seconds. Try to calm the mind. Observe your all the five sense every day. Have a solitude every day. Most of the time we spend time in planning future events. Try to “be” in the moment, cherish present moments. Now days we are too much immersed in to gadget, try to practice a gadget free hour every day. Which will help to divert your from all the social media clutter. You can do the fallowing to calm your mind


    • Practice mindfulness
    • Eliminate negative thoughts
    • Do relaxation exercises
    • Do positive assertions


  13. Got to Next Level

    Where ever you’re its pretty sure, you’re in your comfort zone. Try the next level. Set goals what you want achieve personally and professionally. Let long term and short goals. List them down, prioritize them, and start working on 1 or 2 long term and short term goals. You need to set S.M.A.R.T(SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, TIME BOUND) Goals. When ever you accomplish a goal treat yourself with a reward. You can do the fallowing to challenge yourself.


    • Set a fitness goal, weight loss, flat abs, muscle building etc
    • Learn a new skill, programming, or soft skill, or how to play a new game
    • Learn how to cook, if you love cooking try recipes from different country.
    • Learn a new instrument, a Guitar or Piano
    • Learn new dance form, Salsa or Hip Hop


  15. Do the New Thing
    Although certain tasks we have to do on daily basis, that’s the routine. But try to the tasks in new way, so to avoid the monotony. You can reshuffle your tasks, based on priorities. Eating the same dish at same place can be avoided, and some times try at a new joint new dish. Instead of listening to the same playlist, make new playlist and listen. Walk in different park. If your wearing same type clothes everyday try different outfit.

  17. Be a Volunteer

    Be a Volunteer, for non profit events. Help someone with your time and energy. Associate with causes which you believe in. Helping some gives you sense of satisfaction. You can involve yourself in a good cause many ways. You can do the fallowing


    • Help some one your neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, an office boy
    • participate in cleanliness drive
    • Participate tree plantation drive
    • Share a greet with someone.

    These simple and easily adoptable tips to boost your mental health.

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