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5 Top Tips to Deal with Stress

Dealing with Stress


Are you feeling stressed so much now days? not able to manage daily activities smoothly?
Stress is very common due to the hectic daily schedule. The days are very demanding, at times it will be very taxing on your body and mind. Here are the most easy and effective tips to deal with your stress.


  1. Sleep more.
    how to deal with stress

    Sleep is the most important aspect of our daily routine. There are many benefits of a good sleep. Sleep gives rest to your body and also it rejuvenates mind. Experts insists at least 8 hours of good sleep.If your having very tight schedule not enough time for sleep. practice power nap techniques. Having power nap in the afternoon also makes you relaxed. The ideal power nap time is 20 mins. But for longer benefits, you should set aside at least 6~ 8 hours of time for sleep.Try to cultivate good sleeping habits. Set a routine time for sleep, go to bed on regular time. Calm and relax your mind before you go to bed. Stop thinking intensive activities half an hour before you go to bed. If you go to bed with a problem you may not able sleep well. You end up thinking about the solution of the problem whole night.


  3. Turn Off Gadgets.
    how to deal with stress 

    Gadgets are most distracting. And especially cell phones, if your addicted to social networks like, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. Switch off or put your cell phones in silent mode and keep them aside. If you have to share your cell number for work purpose, Make sure you set clear time off limits, when your available over phones. Don’t watch Television or videos on your gadget when your on bed. Don’t use your laptop or other gadgets when you are on bed. Which may disturb your sleeping routine. When you start some work on your bed, you may end spending lot of time on that task which you thought just 5 minutes work. So have a discipline, no gadgets during bed time.


  5. Exercise Regularly.
    how to deal with stress 

    There is no substitute for physical exercise. Exercising reduces stress significantly. You choose Yoga, jogging, walk in the park or dance workout etc. You find company to keep going join classes in near by to your home or office. If you can do it on your own take help of YouTube videos, there are plenty of videos available for your interest. Set a routine and exercise and get fit. You can opt for a monthly massage or spa treatment, which will recharge you.


  7. Develop Good faith.
    how to deal with stress 

    Practice good faith in what you do and in other people, gives you sense of calmness. Some times things are not our control, so just having a some faith in the system you can calm yourself. Don’t be too judgmental about people,try not have grudges on people, practice forgiveness.


  9. Take a vacation.

how to deal with stress 
You need a break, to kill the monotony. You end up working round the clock without noticing the burden your body and mind. take vacation, vacation doesn’t mean, you need to go to expensive or fancy resort. Take a day off and go to nearest beach, go to the park, to a movie or on a date. Which ever suits you. Just anywhere where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Don’t worry of work, bills and other problems you have during this time off. You deserve to a good time off, so do it and get refreshed.

As we all know stress is part of our life, we need to deal with it. Try these easy and effective tips and stay stress free. If you like these tips share with your friends and families.

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